Unrequited Lover

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2010-01-30 01:50:40 (UTC)

I Love You More Than I Can Tell

My friend Camilla - Milly or Miles, for me - wrote this poem
some years ago, when her boyfriend at the time was really
sick in hospital. Jackson ended up dying, but Milly really
did make his last days happy with this lines.

I Love You More Than I Can Tell, by Camilla Gates-Vinson

I love you more than I can tell,
I need you more than I need air,
I have been bewitched by your spell,
Me without you, just wouldn't be fair.

I have been blessed by heaven,
Meeting you was the best gift,
I was dreaming of cloud seven,
I flew up there in a way so swift.

I have never believed in love, dear
To me, such thing seemed so queer,
Until I had you smiling, over here,
And told me your love for me was sincere.

If you should ever go, never mind where,
Believe me, darling, my love will follow you there,
Because the reason of my esixtence is you,
I'll tell you I love you, because I do.

How can such sweet words come from an 16 year-old girl to
her dying boyfriend? I can never tell.
Milly, I want you to know that you have for whatever you
need. For ever.