Letters to Nancy
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2010-01-29 20:21:14 (UTC)

Right where I need to be - 1-29-10

Today was a long day I was amazed ehen Beka and Shai
started to get along again, things are working out alot
beter, Everyone knows about Randy, and even if the 1st 24
hours of that were hell, it was well worth it! Even if it
was a month late. Shelley, threted me with my life about
him, poor guy, he has my dad, my brother, my brothers
friends, and now my two mean, freakishly big cuzens on
him. haha, oh well. As long as Im with him... 3

Randy doest get outa school for a nother 15mins, I went
strait to buds to kill sometime to talk to him. Budput me
to work on sanding a gun stalk. this was the frist time I
was down there est. school started. I got to see Haley and
Breece too. It was fun. Im going deer hunting with them
next year, should be fun. Bud knows people who are going
to get us some good privet lands with lots of huge deer,
Last year Haley shot a 5 by five there.

I miss Randy I cant wait intell he's here with me. I wish
I could see him tomorrow. I did well on my test but not to
raise my grade much. we will see.

Rebeka is going to stay with me from 3 days next week
while her dad is out of town.

Shai is coming to Funk right now to watch Aron and Aj. so
I might go clean and see if we could hang.

Ten mins, tell I can talk to Randy, Ten mins, tell I can
talk to Randy, Ten mins, tell I can talk to Randy, Ten
mins, tell I can talk to Randy, sigh. i love that guy = )