My Lovelife
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2010-01-29 14:30:14 (UTC)


Dear Diary,

today in Science we did a group activity..
taking your pulse.. Adrian was in my Group and so was Elaine.
Elaine is a friend of kelly. Kelly likes adrian just like
me. but everybody in our classroom knows that kelly likes
adrian. I don't know if she still likes him. But I don't
want them to know that i like adrian. because me and kelly
are very tight. well...
He was the only boy in our group ^^.
We went to a part of the school where our group was alone
but still near of our classmates.
well when elaine and me were talking.. adrian took the
stopwatch away from and and started already. Elaine didn't
knew how to use the stopwatch -.- that's why i was playing
with it. well adiran took it away from me and he got oi. he
was already taking his pulse. Elaine and I were waiting for
him. Then the next one was Walking back and foth 5x. Adrian
did it already with his friend (dunno why). but yeah!
He was waiting for us... Elaine and I were taling about
him.. than he saw that is undershirt is lookin' out so he
fixed it INFRONT of me and elaine. but elaine and me were
still walikng but he could hear us I was like.. eewww' you
could go to the CR dude.. your so thin.. and he was like
thin? i have 500 abs. and i was like suuuurrreee 500? are
you sure? i smiled. he was just giggling. and then we were
done walking and got back to adiran and he was looking at me

my friends say that he likes me but he don't want me to
know.. i'm like.. maybe `?

now. my friends are watching him properly.. every single
step... i love my friend for helping me! 3

^^ -iLoveBBoy

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