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2010-01-29 14:23:52 (UTC)

A close call

It's extremely flattering to know that people rely on you
when things need to be done, but it can be extremely
frustrating to know the same person that relies on you,
does not possess, and has no intention of acquiring that
same reliable trait you possess. However, sometimes it
seems they utilize your best attributes at their own
discresion, not giving a damn about how you are affected.
The advantage of this kind of situation is realizing it’s
a test that requires you to make decisions about the kind
of individuals you extend friendship. Maybe, they admire
the trait in you and are not sure how to acquire it. Lead
by example. This is also a challenge because the situation
can become increasingly frustrating when you think about
your efforts not being reciprocated. I have decided, the
best thing to do is remember that I am still in control…
Even when saying F*ck you feels like the better
option. I will focus on what I can Do not
decide to step outside of your element after being
provoked. I definitely just had a close call. WoW