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2010-01-29 00:55:02 (UTC)

Amazing. (So far)

so far high school has been alright.
First it was AMAZINGLY fun, then it SUCKED!
Everyone hated me!! And now it's back to normal.
I have a new Best friend, New Friends, Less people Dont
hate me, and im getting super good grades!
zi kinda just wish i was friends with the "Cool Kids"
Don't get me wrong, Im friends with everyone! Like most of
the "Cool Kids" Just not all of them, i don't eat lunch
with them or anything. It's like they think everyone who
isnt them is weird. Ughhh!
Im nothing like that.
I'm kind of thinking starting over. Not like my whole life
or anything, just my social life, my life at home, school,
habbits, etc.
I really want an actual best best friend. The two i have
now, don't really count. Bleh!
I also want a boyfriend sooo sooo bad! Okay, yea i
should'nt rush into things, but still. I see everyone at
school, then see myself with no body. I just want someone
to love and love me back. Someone who isn't my family.
I just want everything to be absolutely perfect because so
far, i have f***ed everything up!
As of now, im a new person. Completely changing.
Today was GREAT! It's spirit week, and i participated and
i feel like im wanted and more confident(:
The thing is that my ex goes out with another girl. I
really don't care, its just that i like her ex, but if we
go out or even if people find out, im scared people will
think im just trying to get pay back and theyll hate me
I guess i just need to learn to no care what people think,
I also need to learn to stop being soooo damn nice! It's
even starting to piss me off that i let people take
advantage of me, haha. I just need to relax and become at
atonement- one with myself!
wish me luck?

- Signed J.P.O (:
(Just Plain Ordinary)