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2010-01-28 20:30:22 (UTC)

Good afternoon

Well its a better day today i dont feel so emotional do we
try to hide from things so unreal to us that we end up
pushing something away! I was reading one of my old poems
the other day about a rose:
I am like a rose gentle and sweet,
sodt but weak but dont get me wrong, I may smell good and
look beautiful, but i also got these thorns and different
layers of peddles around me to protect me! (etc...)
But all that seems to be happening now is that slowly one
by one my pedels are falling off and im more and more
exposed to the world for who i truly am.....what i dont get
is with in a short period of time I let u closer to me then
i would dare let anyone else go........why are u the
exception? how come its so easy for me to let u closer to
my heart but yet my family dont know half as much as you do?
Is it possible that I knew you in a life time before like
we both thought could god of sent you to me for a reason
or are u here for just now!

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