A diary about a life leading to a come-f
2010-01-28 19:13:14 (UTC)

A Conversation With My Best Friend And An Encounter With A Book

Sorry, I wasn't able to enter yesterday. So today I'd like
to write about the most impressive thing that happened
yesterday. Yesterday morning I went to my best friend's
company. He is a pharmacist and at the same time a
manager. At his company he said to me, "The key to success
is the way of thinking. And taking actions follows. It's
because if your way of thinking rightly corresponds to the
universe's, you can't help taking right actions. And your
way of thinking should be based on not how you can improve
your own life but how you can help other people become
happy and successful. The former contradicts the
universe's way of thinking. The wish of the universe or
gods is just happiness of all the living things. If you
keep doing things based on your own greed, your detbs
continue running up while you keep doing things based on
how to help others, your savings continue increasing.
Which do you prefer? And if you really want to be greatly
happy in the future, stop receiving tuition only from your
brother. He and his son are your family, aren't they? It's
against the universe's way of thinking. Receiving tuitions
from others is OK." I thought he made some sense but felt
a little strange not to receive tuition from my brother,
because teaching is teaching. And I said to him, "How
about receiving only the amount of money that I pay for
the gas to drive to my brother's home?" He said, "It's the
same thing. You're still thinking about money. Money
automatically comes along if you do as I tell you. Don't
worry. The universe is alway seeing us from above. Gods
know everything. There is no exception." I finally agreed
to his suggestion. And seeing me a little bit
disappointed, he passed me a book and told me to read it.
I opened the book and began reading. It says, "In order to
realize your dream, you should picture your happiest
future as concretely and specifically and elaborately as
you can. For example, imagine what you'll say at the
happiest moment. "I did it." or "See what I've done, Dad
and Mom." Whatever you like is OK. And you don't have to
persuade yourself to do this. It's by far more effective
if you do it when you want to do it." I was impressed with
Today I will try having an image of my brightest future.
I'm looking forward to what lines will hit me.
Thank you so much for reading this.
See you tomorrow.