Unrequited Lover

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2010-01-28 14:24:17 (UTC)

Yes, I'm Again Writing About Him

So, I was on-line on MSN last night, talking to Milly, my
best friend in the whole world, when she asked me wether if
something was wrong with me.

Me: Not really. Y?
Miles: U seem depressed
Me: I'm not
Miles: U are. I know U
(That's true. She knows me better than I know myself)
Me: Ok. I am
Miles: Y?
Me: Him
Miles: I know what U mean! Again?
Me: Yup
Miles: But U were over him ..
Me: I guess I never really did

So, know I am depressed because of him. I mean, I know. It's
just a guy. But not for me. For me, he means the wolrd. Him
and those hazel eyes.
Miles didn't make it easy. She kept talking about how she
KNOWS he likes me, and stuff. That I, knowing him as I do,
should know that. But I don't. I mean, I know him as I know
the back of my hand. And if the back of my head were in
love, I would surely know. And he doesn't love me. At least,
not in the way I love him.
I realized something last night. We had gone out to the
movies that day, and he had left his wallet in my bag. I
walked down to his home. Seeing him, even for just two
seconds, made my night. He smiled, said thanks, and I came
back home. I kept talking to Milly.

Miles: I KNOW he likes U. I just can't guess Y can't U see it.
Me: C'mon, Camilla, if he liked me, I'd know.
Miles: Perhpas U like him so much U can't read between the
Me: Could be right. Who can read between the lined with
those hazel eyes staring at U?
Milly: LOL. Seriously, still.
Me: Then Y doesn't he tell me?
Miles: Because of the same reason U don't tell him that U
love him. He is scared of having the world laugh @ his feelings.
Me: Please. Who would laugh @ him?
Miles: He just fears ridiculism.
Me: So do I.
Milly: UR being childish here.
Me: I know.
Miles: LOL.
Me: So what, then?
Milly: I think he wants U to know that he loves U, but not
the rest of the world. That's way he treats U as he does.
Me: He treats me that way becaus I am his BEST FRIEND!

Aaaarg. Best Friend. I came to hate those words, because
they are the ones that keep me away from him.
Oh god. Is Milly right?
Please, help me.
What should I do?

Love from she who is not certain whether or not she is loved
(Probably) Unrequited Lover

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