2010-01-28 14:09:23 (UTC)


What friends are for, huh? I want to protect them as much as I
can, before I have to go away.I love them as friends that I
have known for a life-time.They know me the best , they even
know me better than I do.I don`t want to see them suffer or
fight with each other.
I shall remain once more out of everything, just for them.I
accept to suffer once more, just to get them together once
more, just to see them laugh and drink beer together once
I have been in this group for like 12 years, I have seen this
group slitt up numerous times, and never felt so sorry and so
empty as I would feel if this will happen now.I somehow feel
that I can do something about it, I somehow want to be
something that I can do know, because I would do it without
thinking.I just want them to be happy.
And yes, I am the oldest out of them, as u probably
imagine.And I have to go study in Scotland in 1 year and a
half, almost half a continent away from them.I know I will
never meet anyone like them, I know I will be heartbroken when
I will go, and I keep trying to convince myself not to; to
turn this possibility down, like I did with the other 3 that I
have had in the past 2 years...