My Thoughts
2010-01-28 13:05:23 (UTC)


Yesterday was a great day. As I take this journey for
personal change, I have come to realize I have more
individuals in my life looking out for my best interest
than I thought, and for that I am so grateful. Yesterday,
it seemed every moment was filled with a message and I am
almost sure most days are like this, but yesterday was the
first time I decided to pay attention. While my spirit and
personality have been described to me as extremely free,
it is currently misguided. I was sure that the mishaps in
my life were greatly affected by my actions, but I was not
sure where to begin when deciding to make some changes.
Now I am. I have learned that no single event is random,
it is planned, and if you are patient, obedient, willing
to go beyond your comfort zone, have a faith filled work
ethic, and exemplify generosity, you will have everything
you need. I am looking forward to many more days like

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