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2010-01-28 00:37:47 (UTC)

Silent night with a glass of wine

Just kicking back tonight. Playing with my new kick ass
laptop and watching TV.

Work is busy as heck. I'm a Network Engineer for the State
of CA and we are getting three furlough days a month. Little
do people know that some of us are working for free on
Fridays trying to catch up on our work. Anyone thinks that
State workers are lazy have no clue on what we do. The
economy in CA is pretty messed up right now. This is what we
get for voting for an actor!!! What dumb ass would vote for
Aaahnold? I know I didn't.

I will be losing my home soon. I'm ok with that. I bought
during the bubble years so the house is upside down (For you
younger people, this means it's worth less than what I owe).

I'm ok with this. I had a fico score of 812 at one point.
It's now down to 600. No biggie. This was one of the many
things I had to experience in 2009.

I'm expecting to get the letter from the Bank any day now to
inform us to get the heck outta this house. In a way, I
think it's good. Not too many good memories in this house.
Had it since 2005 and there are more bad than good memories

I hope this year will be a banner year for me. I know last
year was pretty challenging. I hesitate to say it can't get
any worse because I'm sure I will only jinx myself.

Got a full day tomorrow. I'll post again after work.