green spiral mead
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2010-01-28 04:08:28 (UTC)

Write, instead of new? I like it!

Sorry, but this has nothing to do with the topic. It DOES
however, pose a question and that is: Did you or did you
NOT leave a blank in the space provided? Random? Yes. I've
been reading "sleep talkin man". Apparently, I'm one of
his last fans. lol Pretty funny stuff, but I'm sure some
of it's 'staged'.

Hard day, today. I about walked off the job and joined the
unemployed! If you knew anything of my charactor or
situation, your jaw would hit the ground. Yesterday was
a "this day takes the cake for worst days ever at a job",
and today was the cherry on top. I about blew up in my
bosses face, but saw the results in my head and decided
against that. I stood there and thought that I would await
an exit that didn't make me look so bad. Maybe they could
just 'let me go'. No such luck, though.

Deep breath.

Thanks for listening.

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