Nick's Journal
2010-01-28 01:02:16 (UTC)

Allow me to express my appreciation

it's not very often that i am put in another person's shoes
very often. but when i am, i usually gain a great amount of
appreciation for what they're going through. every since
december i have gained an incredible appreciation for those
people who work two jobs to make ends meet.

i have two jobs right now: 1) is the contract attorney
position for a corporation 2) is working on my own law firm
(client buildup, networking, legal work). I get paid for
(1) but not so much for (2). I'd say I work an average of
9-10 hrs a day. easily. now that's not even that much if
you think about it. i'd imagine that most people who hold
two jobs work close to 12 hrs a day. and man, do i feel
exhausted. not really tired, but exhausted. like every
fabric of my being is consistently being tired out.

the thing is...i don't even really have a kid to worry about
right now. i have a dog. let me tell you the only
difference between a dog and a can tell a dog to
go to his place and shut the fuck up and that dog will stay
in that place and shut the fuck up for up to 8
hours...there's no way you're doing that with a kid.
having seen my nieces (4 and 2 yrs old) in action it is
absolutely unbelievable the amount of energy it takes to
interact with them.
so if you have kids AND you hold two jobs...holy shit.
seriously. holy shit.

so anyhow. i'm tired as shit and i'm kind of crabby. i
wouldn't say i'm an "important" man right at this stage of
my life...but i am damn well a busy one. so what i don't
get, is how everybody else is rushing past me at breakneck
speeds but i'm the one sauntering.

a typical day of mine goes like this: work at own law firm
(i.e. check email, field client calls, etc.), drive to
contract work, field 8 different inquiries every 5 mins.
review documents. check emails. have meetings. write
stock option grants. lunch like a motherfucker
for own law firm, call people who called you while you were
at contract position, emails, etc. go back to contract
work. write, review, negotiate, analyze, summarize, and
approve various agreements. drive home from work. finish
up any remaining work from own law firm until juli comes home.

it may not sound like it but it's tiring as shit. working
as a corporate attorney is mentally draining work. so what
i don't get is why the fuck everybody ELSE is in such a
fucking rush? taking it easy and not being a straight up
asshole seems to work out really well for me. i ALWAYS hold
doors for people. sometimes i get to that awkward "holding
it for too long" stage but i don't care. i always let
people merge, even if they're being a dick. i always greet
people and don't do that awkward shun where you know htey're
there but you're acting like they're not.

yet for some reason, most people around me can't seem to
muster the same courtesies. and what's up with blue tooth?
i am busy as fuck but there is no way i am permanently
attaching myself to my phone! the corporate attorney i work
with is the busiest person i know (and that's saying a lot)
and she doesn't use bluetooth. so as far as i'm concerned
you don't need blue tooth unless you're a supreme court
justice or the president.

yet everywhere i go people have hte bluetooth. it always
freaks me out when they start talking next to me cos i think
they're crazy. anyhow. that's it for now, i think i am
going to pass out from exhaustion.