Protege Moi
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2010-01-27 21:14:32 (UTC)

Slight case of head-explodey.

So yeah. Not so much sad at the moment. More extremely angry.
I should probably see somebody about my constantly fluctuating
moods, or maybe I should just get over my teen angst already?
I don't know. Meh. Still not doing so well on the whole
friends front. Mostly self-inflicted at this point, since I've
kinda stopped talking to people mostly, and instead I've taken
to shoving my headphones in and crankin' up the volume as loud
as I can get it without causing lasting damage whenever I get
the chance. Not the most productive way to go about things
but, hey, it's better than sitting around quietly and having
to listen to people's conversations going on around me. The
fact that I'm shy to an almost painful degree doesn't help
matters much. I'm pretty sure if someone could hear my
thoughts they'd be pretty shocked at what they discover. Maybe
slightly scared. Gahhh. Maybe the political music isn't
helping much. It does give me a new perspective on society
though, one that's made me sit up an pay attention more. I'm
more cynical than ever, and- does anyone else find themselves
shouting at the tv, even when the adverts are on? Obviously
when people are in the room I say it in my head, but when I'm
alone, God do those expletives just pour out. I reckon I'm
more a listener than a talker. I don't understand how some
people just talk to hear the sound of their own voice. It
baffles me. You'd think they'd get bored of themselves, but
no. They go on. And on. And on, ad nauseum, and I find myself
thinking 'WILL YOU JUST SHUT UP!?' And the amount of times
I've almost said it aloud... Oh, and I've managed to stop
worrying myself about the ever-mounting pile of coursework I
have that's due at college. I just don't think about it :)
Damn. I'm gonna stop babbling.

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