Quaint Thoughts
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2010-01-27 19:28:29 (UTC)


You know sometimes you just have this inherent desire to
express yourself.Like you just want to talk it out,no
advice,just have someone listen to you for a change.(The
reader would know it otherwise why would you be surfing on
this website).Well i have it now the desire i mean.Nothing
particular just stupid babbling.
A year ago or so,my sister sent me a link to
her blog.It was more like a journal though.In the
beginning it was sort of immature but with practice and
time she got better.The point is that she sent it me(the
link)knowing very well that she's going to write some
personal stuff about herself and she evidently didn't mind
having her close ones read it.So since i wanted to do some
writing myself,i thought,"Hey let's give this blog thing a
try.It seems to be quite the rage."But when i sat down to
write knowing very well that people i knew were going to
read it,no words came out.Everythought,every feeling i
penned down, i thought was too personal to be exposed.The
result is me sitting here with a made-up names pouring my
heart out.So all i'm saying is that i have discovered that
it is difficult for me to voice my feelings.I don't mind
much talking to people about them,their life,their opinion
and discussing how they are different from me.I was never
too senstive to differences but when i disagree i can be
expressive enough to assert my point.But stuff like how i
feel about love (someone once asked me and i couldn't
answer)and all,i get a bit umcomfortable.I guess it's a
part of me and i am not sure wether i will be able to
change even if i wanted to.