Experienced Life
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2010-01-26 23:54:13 (UTC)

New beginnings

Well, during my 2009 trial and tribulations, I had some time
to myself. Joined some social groups and met a Psychologist.
She was attractive and was within my age group so it was
We became close and shared our thoughts and feelings. We
didn't screw or anything. She too was separated and believe
it or not, I as a guy didn't want a [email protected]#k buddy or rebound
sex. She also had two boys that I didn't want to confuse them.
Kids in general are loving and I didn't want to hurt them by
being there for 6 months then leaving so I kept the
relationship G rated.

This was probably the best restraints I ever held myself to.
Anyway, she emails me from time-to-time so we share some of
our daily events.