Dreams, feelings, entity
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2010-01-27 02:56:17 (UTC)


sense this is my first entry i would just like to say most of these are going to be
my dreams. I'm psychic and i just needed someone to tell but no one
understands you know. This entry is going to be about the guy that follows me
everywhere mostly. It really started when i was like in 3rd grade it might have
started earlier and i just didnt pay attention. 3rd grade is when i started seeing
people that werent there. Then it wasnt real i was a little kid i thought they were
imaginary friends or something. I told my best friend she said she could see
them to. But she had imaginary friends mine were real. I wasn't scared of it til
the next year when i was home alone and I was hungry i tried to get out of my
room and i just couldnt he wouldnt let me leave. I was so scared I sat in my
room just crying until my dad came home. He still follows me around I just cant
see him anymore. I can feel him watching me and it scares me. He mostly comes
around when im alone or when its dark. Like one day at school i was at my
locker getting led for my pencil. I was the only one in the hall. and i jsut could
feel someone walking down he hall getting closer to me. When he was almost
right by me i just gave up on finding led and ran to the classroom almost crying
because it felt like he wanted to hurt me and it just scares me. I can feel him a
lot when im trying to sleep. I use to go to my dads room to sleep but he said im
to old for that. (my parents dont know what im going through) So know when
hes watching me i listen to my iPod, turn it up as load as it goes and i pull the
covers over my head. it doesnt work sometimes and I cant sleep. Im so tired the
next day i have to pretend im sick just to get some sleep. I dont really talk to
anyone anymore because he just makes me depressed. I dont bother telling
anyone because they just dont understand. Hes only talked to me once and that
was last night when i was trying to sleep he yelled my name i was the only one
in the basement to. I dont want him in my life anymore.