A diary about a life leading to a come-f
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2010-01-26 21:43:44 (UTC)

About My Character And Personality

Hello, everyone. As I said yesterday, I'd like to try to
picture my character and personality here. I think I'm a
little naive and very gentle. But I'm confident that I
won't be taken in by almost anyone. It shows I'm cautious
about doing anything. But I'm not sesible. I think I'm
rather short on sense. And I once heard that those who
make the right side of brain work more tend to be better
with intuition while those who make the left side work
more tend to better with logics. And each tendency has two
different aspects, that is to say, when putting feeling or
thinking out of mind and when putting what's happened into
mind. It can generally be shown by whether we put our
right or left thumb onto its counterpart when lacing our
fingers together and whether we put our right or left arm
onto its counterpart when folding our arms. When the right
finger or arm is placed on the other, it shows we are
likely better with logics and in the other case, it shows
we are likely better with intuition. Both my haibts
indicate that I'm better with intuition when taking
actions towards the outside world while I'm better with
logics when thinking about what's happened outsides.
Therefore, I tend to say or act immediately without deeply
thinking, which is one of the things I love about myself,
because the tedency and my gentleness combine to make
myself a very attractive person. Which means I never say
or act with any malice, except when I go mad. On the other
hand, I tend to think deeply about what's been put in my
mind. Which I didn't like so much because I think the
tendency sometimes helped me get mentally sick. As I used
the past form, 'helped,' just now, that's just history.
Now I love it too because I think that the tendency helps
me be good at studying or love studying. In other words,
it is supporting my business, teaching. All in all we
should be thankful for everything we have now.

Thank you so much for reading this.
From tomorrow, I'd like to try to write about what's
happened each day so as to make this box look like a diary.
See you tomorrow.

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