2010-01-26 20:13:22 (UTC)

january 26th 2010

Well my husband came back from school stressed yesterday, he
says he didn't feel like he did well from the exams. My
husband didn't want to give up smoking yet, so I was upset
by that as I wanting to try. Anyway last night I went to
school for 3 hours, did work they set me.

Then went home at 8.30pm, my husband was in the middle of
washing clothes and cooking dinner. Anyway didn't get to eat
until 9:30pm and was very hungry at that point. Sat down
together to watch two epps of nip/tuck. Then we both pretty
much went to bed.

Anyway today I got woken up at 6am by my mobile going off,
it was my husbands teacher telling him he didn't need to go
to school until later (don't know why). But anyway I was
lazy and stayed in bed until 12pm today. When I got up I had
a cup of tea and played around on the internet, looked at
the news.
Then I clean up, had lunch and then hang up the washed clothes.
Then I made coffee and sat down to watch home and away, and
I am about to watch eastenders.
Tonight I plan to go back to school, and I need to get phone
credit. I also need more clothes to be washed tonight.

Still haven't watched that house epp, and the rest of final
destination 4. Thinking about what to eat tonight for dinner.

Not a very interesting day.

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