Failed Rejection
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2010-01-26 19:52:50 (UTC)


Ok so I am a private teacher in a school that is one that
is quite original. I like my job but I am not fully
satisfied with it at all. I guess I am like that with
pretty much everything. Im never satisfied with
anything. It is always to little or too much. It is very
stressful at times but at others it is my norm.

I wish that I could be happy with something in life but is
kinda hard when everything in your life is planned for
you. I never get what I want b.c supposedly everything
that I want is always out of reach or just plain "dumb" by
everyone elses standers. Especially if it is the one
person your closest too...my boyfriend. I wonder if I am
the only one that goes through this. I know that I am not
but I always feel so alone with every decision that I
make. The worst thing to be is alone with there is some
many people around you. I feel like a broken record that
is put on repeat.