What You Dont Know
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2010-01-26 15:48:07 (UTC)

New Semester Thrills

Date:January 26, 2010
Time:10:41 am
Listening 2: BedRock(by:Young Money)
Right Now: Eating a Brownie....I love school brownies3

Today is the start of a new semester at school. At
first i was pretty mad that i switched to different
teachers, but seeing that so far, most of my friends are
in my classes im pretty chill. During homeroom everyone
was comparing schedules with each other to see what
classes we have together...2 of my friends from homeroom
have the same first period class as that was cool.
I was very tired this morning in first period because i
woke up 30 mins then usual(5am!!) then i had to do my hair
and, my hair wasn't working with me.
I havent seen my friend Ms.S today...bummer.
...I have to get back to you later on that then...while i
read during lunch...