Letters to Nancy
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2010-01-26 13:15:21 (UTC)

Ugh, freaking Mornings !

Well, Im eating breakfast and talking to Randy. He's sick.
=(. I wish he felt better. Hes all thats on my mind
lattly. School will be long, not being able to talk to
him. If i was sure I wouldnt get caught, I would text him
at school. I miss him so much! Is it Feb.19th yet? CAuse
it should be. Cant wait to come home and talk to him on
the phone, I love his vocie. Its amazing, it always makes
my heart race, and I forget things, and I proubly talk
like an idiot. But I think he still loves me. He has the
best smile. But Iv only seen it once at the bball game. He
doesnt smile in pics. lol. I love his eyes too. And his
arms are HUGE! I love it, hes perfect. Well, I need to go
start my truck and head to school, I hope Randy starts to
fell better soon.