A diary about a life leading to a come-f
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2010-01-26 05:29:00 (UTC)

About My Job Career

In honor of this occasion, I'd like to show my grattitude
to the company that offered us this wonderful site and you
all. For starters, let me introduce myself. But today I'd
like to mention only my career. I'm now a self-employed
cram school teacher in Japan. About a decade ago, I became
a corporate dropout because I'd hated working as an
employee. Then I decided to firstly do what I was fond of
and I would make good use of for my future career. That's
why I started studying English with the aim of passing
EIKEN tests, Pre 1st and 1st. Do you know about EIKEN?
It's the name of English tests founded by a Japanese major
publishing company. The tests are more likely to demand
big words than TOIEC, and EIKEN 1st has had a fame as the
first step to become an interpreter or a translator. I
wanted to become neither from the beginning but I just
love studying English. I studied mainly memorizing
vocabulary and idioms, reading aloud English textbooks I
bought from a famous English school and listening English
news programs broadcast by HHK. 4 years later, I passed
Pre 1st. Just after that, I began teaching children as a
tutor. But the more days passed, the more keenly it was
brought home to me that my teaching needed something else.
I knew communicating with children sincerely was
necessary. But to be honest, I couldn't scold children and
as a result, sometimes the kindness was taken advantage of
by some of them. Although I'd heard that praising was much
more effective in teaching than scolding, I didn't scold
not because of that but because I just couldn't. Of
course, I'd been pissed off a few times when a child went
too far. I seemed to hate to be hated by children while
proud of myself as a mam. In the meantime, I'd suffered
from a certain mental disease. After a seeming recovery
from the disease, I started over teaching a male junior
high school student as a tutor and about a month later, I
founded my cram school at home last year. I made a lot of
fliers for advertising my school and put them in about 500
mailboxes in my neighborhood. And to my delight, three
female junior high school students offered to join my
school. For the first four or five month, I taught the
three girls with the tuitions free while teaching the boy,
receiving the tuition from his parernts. But two of the
girls quit only a few months later. I was entirely
disappointed because I was guessing the one left would
also quit. But to my surprise, she was kind enough to
continue. I felt so thankful to her and her parents. In
addition, she brought her brother together. I was as glad
as I was choked with tears of joy.
This is the course I've taken up to the present.
Next time, I'd like to write about my character and
Thank you so much for reading this. See you then.