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2010-01-26 04:11:27 (UTC)


The last cookie was sitting there on the table waiting to be
eaten.Chocolate chunk double mint was Keisha's favorite.So
mouthwatering she had to have a bite.But out of nowhere her
brother Jacob grabs the cookie.It was his cookie.And it was
a trap.

"let me have a bite just one i promise." she said as she
stared deeply at the cookie.

Then he took out a whole box full of them drooled and her drool dripped down to her 34d breasts.
Her brother stares down and has a grin on his face.He is 20
years old and she is 18.

"ok you can eat all the cookies you want we just have to
have a deal."

"ok i'll do anything."


"yes anything but how many cookies are in that box?"

"theres 40 cookies you can eat the first 20 now ten eat the
rest later."

"that sounds like a pretty good deal to me."

"oh thats not the catch heres what you have to do."

He cleared his throat she started eating the cookies unaware
of her brother.He smacked the cookie out of her hand though
she isn't fat at all.

"what do i have to do."

"YOU have to give me a blowjob and have sex with me."

"ok as long as i get my cookies"

But what she didn't know is that he has a 12 inch dick an
that its 2 inches thick

They went upstairs down the hall into the last door to the
left in his brother's room.He was a little excited and got a

"ok on your knees,and take of your shirt."

Her boobs jiggled he was amazed to see how huger her boobs
were he got down and sucked on them and slightly bit them
they got hard as she moaned.He could tell that she came by
the look on her face.

"you can do this to me but don't leave any evidence like a hickey cause my boyfriend could think that i would be

"ok now unbuckle."

she unbuckled and was surprised of how long it was it dug
into the side of her cheek(outside on her face).
she imeadiantly started sucking it was too much for her
small mouth to handle it is 2 inches wide and 12 inches long
she has about 6 inches in her mouth forcing herself to take
up more she is gaging a lot but enjoys her mouth being
full.it reaches to the back of her throat at 10 inches then
she pulls out.she choked and almost threw up but continued.
following his grunting she speeds up her pase into thrusts
and licks until he explodes on her face mouth & boobs.
she enjoyed swallowing the hot cumm

"oh my god you're so good at this better than my girl,now
its you're turn take off your clothes."

"i don't think it will fit in all."

first he tongue fucked her pussy until she orgasmed.then he
sticked it and rolled it.he spread her legs wide and put it
in all the way she screamed in pain he thought she screamed
so loud that the whole neighborhood could hear her shrieks
screams and moans.he felt her pussy tighten and knew she was
on her way into a orgasm.blood and came out of her pussy.he
started ramming forcedly into her tight small pussy with
every deep thrust she screamed with pain and pleasure the he
went for the whole thing and did it all in one move and they
both exploded she felt weak and began to stiff up and
orgasmed.then after a while he let her ride on top she loved
it feeling rough on herself.then he fucked her ass in all
12 inches then she fell out of breath her pussy was sore and
bleeding he was satisfied later he felt guilty but he
thought it was worth it

she happily ate her cookies.

any suggestions help and it the story plz thank you for

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