The Life and Times of Connor Stephenson
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2010-01-26 04:01:38 (UTC)

Only a Shoulder

I am but a lowly fourteen year old man, yet I still long
for more. I am distressed on my current situation. Forever
and a day, I am relief from the average trying school day
for many a student both, boy and girl. Whether it be comic
relief, a helping-hand relief, or a shoulder-to-lean-on kind
of relief, I am there for any who wish to receive it.
Usually I help and do my part and things go on unchanged. I
normally get a thank you for my help and sometimes I don't,
but just recently I found myself longing for more. I always
have girls come to me sad and brokenhearted because their
boyfriends are, for lack of a better word, jerks. I cheer
them up and send them on their ways just to see them come
back for more consultation to heal the new wounds from the
many womanizers out there. I long for them to see me as more
than a shoulder to cry on. I want more than fifteen minutes of
her head on my shoulder. I would and have put so many
parts of my own life on the line for many people many times. Now, I'm
no sap that drowns himself in self-pity but for once I'd just like to
feel the love from another person. Unlike the other boys, I
see them as women, not as a fun-time and a set of lips. I
see them for their true potential. I know that they are
human beings. I want the best for each and every one of them.
People grow up looking for the other half of themselves that
will complete them. I imagine that I'll just have to wake up and
realize that there is no other half for this person. While I wish
there was hope, I think I will always be a sounding board, a way to
vent. I will always be Only a Shoulder.

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