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2010-01-26 03:19:04 (UTC)


My name is moriah jade. I dont like using my last name, i
hate my last name. I was born to a poor family but, i
learned alot from bieng poor. I learned that i cant get
everything i want like most kids do. I learned that what i
want i have to work hard for it. well sometimes i think
that the stories my family tells me are lies. they say that
my father was a good man. if he was a good man then why did
he leave my mom, my sister, and most importantly why did he
leave me. he thinks that sending a card on my birthday and
holidays will make up for what he did. they never will. he
cant undo the past. my sisters grew up with a dad. its not
fair that i didnt. now 16 years later he thinks that he can
just come back and think that i will call him dad. i dont
think so... i grew up with uncles. thet taught me things my
dad didn't. they taught me how to ride my bike, to fly a
kite, to fight when i need to, to stand up for myself, and
most importantly they taught me respect. all the things a
dad is suppose to do they did. my cousins were also took
the place of my dad. they were the ones i came to when i
cried. they were the ones who stood up for me. i mean that
they were a little over protective. but it was for my own
good. well now im 16 and and my dad came into my life
thinking that everything will be ok between us. it will
never be. my moms husband has been my father to me for 2
years now. now i can finally tell my friends that i have a
dad that loves me.

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