Letters to Nancy
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2010-01-26 02:15:38 (UTC)

A smile to hold me together. Monday 1/25/10

Well were should I start? First there was last night. I
talked to Randy for at least 2 and a half hours, and I
never wanted to say goodbye. I sont think I ever stoped
smilling. And my heart never slowed down, thats for sure.
Toward the end was.... amazing/ terriable. but I dont mind
that much.

Then there was school witch I dont think Randy was ever
off my mind during the 7 hours.= ) Mr. Ott gave me an 11
out of 35 on a test, that I did study for! Then he yelled
at me during class that I need to work harder.... But on
the bright side we were wrighting on Wright To Learn in
English to day and we were graded on a 10th grade levle, I
got 6 out of 6 and was one of 3 in the whole 8th grade to
do so. 9 theres about 98 kids in out grade.) P.E. didnt go
well, I learnd I can do the splits. ANYWAY............

I want to talk to Randy, alot, I hope we can still talk
late tonight, I say that but im really tired! I cant
belive that this coming Saturday will be one month. I
seems like it should be at least a year, well when you
knowm you know. I cant wait for his birthday to see him
again! I wana be in his arms, =) and kiss him. Im a lil
nevous about meeting his parents, lol. well it doesnt
matter as long as Im with him... Well after this im going
to call him, ( or hes going to call me) and we will talk
about his tea party plans!