my life as torie
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2010-01-25 23:50:47 (UTC)

My life as me!

Today was cool, i guess. schools so stupid. and the one i
hate the most... Blayne Moran! ugh! hes the most self
obsorbed person iv ever seen. subside the aids he got from
his black girl friend. hes a torally douch bag, today i
sat by lane. UGH! LANE! god i like him but he doesnt see.
but yeah what do you expect. i mean lets face it. he'll
never know. hmm. he doesnt even notice mee. but oh well.
idk i have a bf. but i never see him and its getting on my
nerves. we've been together for 3 months starting tommrow
and iv only seen him 3 times. and i love him and all but
how can i trust him when he cheated on me with my
bestfriend. well. yeah... life is so overrated!