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2010-01-25 21:11:04 (UTC)

Haiti Or The Recession -What Are We Looking At?

As I logged out of my email prior to this entry...(comma key
currently non-functional)...the web page re-directed me to the
main Yahoo! page. The first headline to hit my eyes: Stores
Likely To Close In 2010. With everyone focusing on Haiti
right now it seems that the recession has been temporarily
forgotten. That or I may have simply been mildly distracted.
When we extend our compassion towards another being or group
we tend to forget ourselves and I think that's what
happened. At least...I kinda hope. We're a lot better off
than most countries. Well helping them may not necessarily
solve all of our problems but it sure can transform us.

In fact one of the messages at church this past Sunday
touched on that - a relationship in Christ does not
necessarily make us immune to life's problems. No. But
Christ can get us through. In Psalm 73 there's a verse: "He
leads me by the right hand." Christ would never forsake us
nor abandon us. Getting to know who Christ is may be more
important than the solutions to our problems.

Perhaps you disagree. I'm not usually one to debate however with
the topic touching on religion I realize that I pretty much
put myself out there. But if you disagree don't base it on
what you don't know about the Christian walk. "Taste and
see"... then the choice is yours.

So how does this tie into the recession and Haiti? Well I
believe that the media coverage does capture the difference
between ourselves and that country - we are too blessed. But
that aid has quickly mobilized is a good thing. For in
giving lies a greater satisfaction than receiving. And I
truly believe that God is at work making miracles happen. We
are responsible for the poor.

Plus in focusing our attention away from our problems can
help us realize just
how thankful we ought to be. I can't speak for everyone
because I know that this recession has hit thousands real
hard. But for those that are still hanging on...those that
continue to have a roof or two above their heads...have
vehicles or two to drive to and from work or leisure...who
have food upon food and always simply
have too much compared to them. We hoard too much to
ourselves and yet condescend the poor - sometimes.

Some of us currently seek jobs and whatnot - and we can't
afford to over-worry about the recession because it may turn
our hearts bitter and we forget the wonderful things we have
left. Like a family that tries to be as supportive as
possible or others worse off than ourselves.

I am thankful for the humanitarian efforts most especially
those made possible through churches worldwide. Christians
too feel the crunch but it doesn't stop them from giving
however they can. They keep their eyes on love and a loving
God who can provide everything that we need.

God bless you.