2010-01-25 20:30:32 (UTC)

dont wanna leave him

i have so many feelings for the one i love but i have a hard
time expressing through words even though i try when i try
to open up something comes over me i love him 2 death and im
sure he knows that but with words i wanna verify it but im
not sure how me moving to new york and him still living in
Maryland is killing i wanna be in nyc 2 try 2 find me and i
t wanna try to do and pursue my dreams but and scared
everything might fall apart and to that's devastating to me
te only reason i would stay is to be with him but i just
dont feel like i can do what i really want to down here but
i thank god for his understanding i just wanna tell him i
love which i do but want him to know its stronger than that
ad the more i see talk and spend time with him it gets harder

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