What You Dont Know
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2010-01-25 20:24:29 (UTC)

Sleepover Sex Dream

Date:January 25, 2010
Time:1:40 pm
Listening 2: Say Something(by:Drake ft. Timbland)
Feeling:Giggity [quagmire-ish]

I slept over his sisters house last night. She said he
was going to be a at someone elses house that night, so i
agreed to sleepover.
When we talked while watching movies she asked "So do
you still like my bro" I just laughed at her and said, "If
i still liked him i wouldnt have broken up with him." She
just gave me a yeah-right look.
Later on that evening i was about to get in the shower
when her doorbell rang. 'I wonder who that could be' i
I got out the shower and went to the room where my
stuff was supposed to be. The door startedto open at first
i thought it was her but it wasnt.
I looked at him, "What are you doing here?!"
"I heard you were here, so i wanted to talk to u."
i tried to walk past him but he blocked my way by
closing the door and standing infront of it. I yelled for
his sister and he just said she left real quick. i tried
to shove him out the way while making sure my towel(which
was the only thing covering me)didn't fall.
He grabbed my arms and pushed me against the wall. My
towel was right above the nipples of my c-cup breast. He
held my arms above my head and he pushed our bodies close
together.I felt a huge lump through the towel, and i
definetly knew that wasn't his knee." Why don't you just
admit it already" he said looking down at me. My towel was
slipping off my body as i struggled to get free from
him."Admit what?!" i asked, in a failed attempt to get
free from him."that you still want me" he wispered in a
deep sexy voice.
All my feelings I tried to fight came back to me all at
once. I quickly lifted my legs and wrapped them around his
waist as my towel fell off.
At first we were on the bed and he stuck his finger in
and out out me. His mouth was at my pussy as i moaned, it
felt good and wet. He flipped me over on the bed
aggresivly and opened my legs. I looked back as i saw him
take off the rest of the close i hadn't ripped off him
He got on top of the bed and held my legs open as he
slid something hard and big into my pussy. I screamed a
little at first, at the wonderful pain that entered me. He
paused for a second, but i ordered him to continue.
"Faster!" I will yell at him."yes, oh yes" i would moan.
"yeah, you like that huh?" he would say. He fucked me
real hard and i would yell, but i would never tell him to
stop, because it felt to good.
I was kneeling on the ground, and he was holding my
hair as he slid his dic in my mouth. It was very huge. I
was surprised i even got it in my throught. When he sat
down he put it inbetween my breast and they rubbed it.
I was doing a split while standing and he was
thrusting faster and faster. I told him i was going to cum
and i did....

...I opened my eyes, and relized it was a dream.
I turned over on the bed and a deep voice said
" i knew you still wanted me."

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