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2010-01-25 19:51:57 (UTC)

Monday 25th January 2010

Well today I woke up just after 10am, and then I made tea
and talked to my mum. Spoke to her about two hours, she's
thinking of visiting me later in the year.

Then I cleaned, that wasn't so fun. Then I ate left over
Chinese from last night, and then I ate ice cream. Probably
not the best idea if I want to loose weight. Didn't feel
that great afterwards.

Oh well. then made coffee and watched home and away, one of
the other shows I watch.

Anyway now I am waiting for Eastenders to come on, going to
watch that, while having a cup of tea. Do like my PG tips :-)

Then I plan to go to college today, hopefully can get some
studying done. Then I will have dinner. Not so sure what I
am doing this evening. I need to watch the rest of final
destination it's the 4th one, my husband is too scared to
watch it tehee. I rented that from block buster. Oh and want
to watch house, a new ep has come out.

My husband has gone too school today, he wasn't looking
forward to it as he's got exams today. Oh I think I might
stop smoking today too, oh not looking forward to that.

Well that's all I can think off to write, i'll write later...

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