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2010-01-25 15:28:46 (UTC)

I have to get it together...and fast

Damn. Talk about feeling super unmotivated. This is not
going to work. It's hard to get motivated and stay there. I
think I understand what is meant when people say it's
lonely at the top, but the most unfortunate part is that
you can not take people along for the ride. I'm having a
little issue coming to terms with riding SOLO. I thought
the best thing about living and being alive was having
people around you to share your life with. I'm sure that's
not the only thing, but maybe that's the one that is most
important to me. I have to find some other reasons,
otherwise I know I'm going to be at a standstill when my
one reason disappoints me. Progress is definitely a
process that tends to punch you in throat and take your
wind more often than not. I need a

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