In the Trail of the Wind
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2010-01-25 04:50:15 (UTC)

Pen to Paper

Pen to paper,
the lies go away.
Pen to paper,
I've made it one more day.
Emotions swirl in my head,
try to find out which ones are mine.
This is my life,
the one I was given...
It may not be what I asked for,
but its the life I'm living...
I cannot toss it back,
or ask for a better cut.
I cannot pretend it doesn't exist,
or make it go away.
It is mine, and it is here to stay.
I may pray everyday
for someone to just end it now,
let me out somehow...
But everday, my prayers go unheard.
So, I write it down, word by word.
Lost in this world of emotions,
unsure where to go,
wishing I had never spoken.
On paper, I am free to talk.
With a pen, my voice will walk,
telling where I have been,
and where I will go.
It makes a map of my life,
puts X's over all my strife.
This means it is passed,
and was one destination on the way.
It means it helped get me where
I am today.
So, with pen to paper,
I will write.
With pen to paper,
I am alive.