Speak Freely
2010-01-25 03:28:37 (UTC)

What ever happened to, "charity starts at home?"

How many times have we seen our government sending
money out of the United States to help "others"? How many
homeless people are living in out back yards? How many
children right here in the United States are going hungry
It seems that our elected representatives have lost
sight of all the less fortunate right here where we reside
are in need of assistance yesterday. There are towns right
now shutting down street lights because of the lack of funds
and a mayor of one stating that turning these lights did not
increase the crime rate. Well it did not increase the crime
rate in her neighborhood because the lights did not go out
on her street and she cannot see past her own front door.
All the individuals struggling on a fixed income
waiting to receive assistance with housing will now have to
wait much longer because we are letting thousands more into
the country that will receive it first, sorry your an
American citizen you will have to wait another five years or
When are our elected officials going to turn their
heads back to this country and actually keep some of the
promises they make when it is voting time? I am guessing we
are going to have to wait until another election year before
they leave their nice comfy abodes and actually open their eyes.