What You Dont Know
2010-01-24 23:51:48 (UTC)

I know Im to Young for Love. I think...

Date:January 24, 2010
Time:6:09 pm
Listening 2: Shadow of the Day(by:Linkin Park)
Feeling:For once, i dont know.

Okay, so there are 2 boys.To keep their names private
i'll call them Dopey, and Bashful.

We met in middle school. We used to argue almost all
the time in 7th grade. I swear we hated each other. But
then in 8th grade he started,,changing. His looks, his
attitude..and i started to like him more each time.
But now we're in highschool, and he's off at some
military school...And the more people bring up his name,
or when we chat online, i miss him even more. I don't know
why but i thought after middle school you were supposed to
leave old feelings alone and create new ones.
Now, im hoping everytime i log on he's on 2, because i
love talking to him. But then sometimes i hope he's not,
because i dont know what i want to say sometimes.

Then theres Bashful:
I've knew him since i was 5. He's is very shy, i mean
really really shy. But most of the times you can never
tell.On the outside he is just a funny athletic guy...but
on the inside he is just a shy, nerd. Of course i dont mind
(cause not everybody can be a joc).
My feelings for him are very...interesting. Sometimes I
like him a lot when i see him smiling at me. Or when we
talk about stuff like music.
But then the times when i see him being a jerk to other
people, im not sure if he is showing off or anything but
thats really mean.
And afterwards we wind up talking and when he smiles or
cracks a(none mean) joke i wind up liking him again...

As you can see im stuck in a dilemma....
And i know im to young,
to love
for love
...i think.....

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