Letters to Nancy
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2010-01-24 23:47:54 (UTC)

ice cream?

Today has been long. This morning I woke up about 10:30,
and didnt really do much. I talked to Randy on the phone
for a whille. It still shocks me how much I love him, and
how much he loves me.

Dad and I went to see Grandpa in the hospital today. Mom
didnt go even if it was her dad. It was hard seeing him
like that, but they say hes getting better. Then we went
to the nursing home to see my Grandma on my dad's side. I
saw Earl, he gave me a big hug and then made fun of my
jeans. After that he walked down the hall yelling at some
nurse. Crazy old man.

I wish Randy would text me back. = ( I wana talk to him. I
think Ill go call him after this... I wish he was here
then I wouldnt have to call him at all. Have we really
only been dating for under a month ? It feels longer. I
really hope I never loose him. Sometimes I wonder if its
just teenage love that wont last. Then I talk to him and
think theres no way that could be. He so nice, and sweat,
and understanding, and funny, did I say he's really nice?
Because he is. He doesnt hit on other girls like Nick and
Jon always did, he doesnt try to push me into any thing I
dont wana do like they did, and best of all, I can be
myself with him. I dont have to try to please him, because
he likes me for who I am. In all my other dating
experences, they have always made me feel like im not good
engh. some how with him, I am. And he is even better then
the guy of my dreams!

Ugh! I hate that Sunday night, homework the next day
feeling. I have landery to do out the ass to do, my goal
was to get it all done this weekend, but i havent even

Well I'm going to go get a bowl of icecream, and start
wrighting a story for a state wrighting comp. Then go call
Randy.... God, even the sound of that boys name drives me
nuts! ( in a good way.)