In the Trail of the Wind
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2010-01-24 22:21:17 (UTC)

Take the Lamb and Leave the Dove

Dedicated to my mother:

You left me to the lions
You spared the lamb and condemned the dove.
You left, and he tore off my wings...
They'll never heal, they're gone...
Thanks to you, I can't move on...
While you cuddled the lamb and showered her with gold,
the dove cowered in the cage, shivering in the naked cold.
While you told yourself it was alright,
out of mind as long as I was out of sight,
I fought the binds and suffocated under his hand.
You went through it, you should understand..
How could you leave me there to rot?
Did you think I forgot?
I was the pet of a beast,
an animal owned by an animal,
once you left, I was alone,
and he cut me to the bone...
I was starved while the lamb grew fat,
and while you sang her a lullaby,
he used a lash to hear me cry.
While you painted her eyelids lavender and a pink hue,
I tried to nurse my battered eye, colored deep blue.
And then you left her too,
neither of us was good enough for you.
And while she went to be cuddled by grandparents I didn't
know we had,
I was left to be tortured by good old dad.
You never called, never even mentioned my name,
you folded me out of the family picture and hid me in the
She kept her innocence, thanks to you,
and I lost mine,
that was your doing too.
Was I that hideous that you couldn't stand my face?
Did you think if you left the cat a toy,
he wouldn't chase the mice when they escaped?
The pain in my eyes and scars on my legs,
are enough to remind me day after day,
that I was the one you didn't take,
that I was Daddy's little slut,
and mom's mistake.

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