Tujme rab dikhta hai
2010-01-24 21:53:03 (UTC)

Im sorry i broke your heart

It was Nov 13th, 2009 when met this guy in one of the
chatting rooms.Our conversation wasn't long but at the end
of the conversation we shared our email address. The very
next day he emails me. I didnt bother to reply him back.
Once again i go back to the same chatroom and i find him
there. He tells me he was waiting for me. He gives me his
number and we started talking on the phone for 3days. I
always called him with blocked number. He was a very sweet
person therefore i finally gave him my number. Soon i
realized that he had started to fall in love with me. I
was always playing hard to get. So finally within a week
he said it "i love you". I was not suprised at all cos i
some how knew that he loves me. i told him that i already
that a bf who doesnt appreciate me, and he was ok with it.
He told me that we could be friends.Somehow i also fell in
love with him. We started talkin about love songs, getting
married and having kids even before we met. A week before
christmas we finally met. He was really cute, i told him i
liked him. We had a coffee and went out for a movie. After
the movie we sat in his car and talked for a while. He
hands me a gift bag which had a crystal ornament that said
i love u. I thought it was very sweet of him. We met again
the next day, and we kissed for the first time. We made
plans for meeting again after two days. The day went well.
After a couple of day i told him that i dont wanna be wid
him anymore. This wasn't the first time i said that.I
tried to break up wid him over the phone once. I made him
cry this time around. The next day i missed him a lot so i
called him up. We got back together and decided to go with
the flow. Things was going well between us till i started
thinking about random things, i would say silly things.
While being with him, i was always thinking about my ex. I
was still in touch with my ex while. My ex talked over the
phone. I dont know if i still love my eex, but i just cant
get over him. Now going back to the guy who really loved
me. It was yesterday when i broke his heart for like the
4th or 5th time. I cried and he cried too. I feel really
bad because we spend a good time that day. He even gave me
a ring. I jus couldnt play with his heart anymore. I never
wanted to be played by any one. But this time around i
turned out to be a player. Now i jus hope that he forgives
me. I want him to forget me. I saw in his eyes yesterday
that he loved me a lot and wasn't willing to let me go. I
had to do this. I love him a lot, but i just cant be with
him. He is a very good person with a good heart. Its all
my fault, i was leading him on all this time. i cant do
this anymore. I feel so bad right now. i see my self in
the mirror and i call my self a BITCH, because i am
disgusted when i see myself in the mirror. Now i jus hope
that he finds a right person , a girl who loves him alot.
He deserves so much better things in life.Im sorry abt
everything, I m sorry i broke your heart!!

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