...things not seen...
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2010-01-24 20:31:28 (UTC)

me nd hector-1.24.10

me nd hector bearly started kissing nd its amazing how ii
feel duh sparks dat ii didnt feel wit sum other dude.
ii fukn hate iit how ii cheeted on hector buh ii wanna no
duh real hector to ii heard hes a perve buh ii wanna no if
he would cheet he dosent have a myspace to send him secret
messages buh den agen if he did ii should probably not do
dat cuz dwat if he does fall for the fake chikk nd im
kinda happy he doesnt have one cuz if he did other chicks
would be talken to him nd fliting wit him.
den agen if he did we could be talken to eachother 247 o
well ii guess dis is for a reason iii fukkn luv dis kiddo
he tuernd my would sence ii saw him. tould my self hes to
yung buh ii still liked him like crazy nd everyone saw dat.
or at least my friends did ill talk about dem later in sum
other page.buh anyways
yeah duh furst time ii saw dis kid he was play'n soccer in
my old elementry skool called chaning memorial elementery.
ii fell for him ii would screem hes hawt nd see if he
would turn around.(he didnt)
but now im kida glad he didtxd it would be emberasing
ii never thought ii would have a chance with him sence ii
thought he was in a different grade nd ii live in another
town back den ii just visited my friends every week we
would walk to duh skool to see hawt dudes lay soccerxPit
nwas only 1 block away.
ii didnt think anyone else was cute but him doe
den ii ended up move'n back to my old tow wer ii use to
live in called elgin a block away from duh same skool
cchanning in duh samme block dat my friend lived in like 3
houses away.
any ways yeah dey stoped play'n soccer on channing grounds
beccus it was getting cold out side so dey moved it son=me
wer in doorsDx
i stoped see'n him nd skool started off to 7th grade now
ii still didnt enter skool doe bcuz ii had to get sum
pepers from my other skool in belvidere.
well one week later one of my bestest friends named
christy calls meh wen she got home from skool
shristy:"dude ii just saw brizilion tan in our skool"
me:"really are yuh sure dat was him?:
christy:"ueha he hangs wit the boys dat we talk to nd
everything his name is hector nd hes so hawtxD
me:dude ii thought he was a little 5th grader damn ii cant
wait till ii get to skool:D
well litterly ii coulnt
one month later ii enterd skool 4 hour lunch ii find out
dat dey sit a table away from wer im going to sit now wit
my old friends
dey would always b passing notes to each table nd talk
like dat der was dis one kid dat said he was hector
through duh note nd we wornt sure who it really was buh
anyways he ascked out one of my friend dat sits in front
of meh my hart sanked buh she said no nd we ended finding
out who it was it was to other kids den on my 2nd day of
skool another kid who said he was hector asked me out ii
was so happy buh den ii saw it wasnt him eather way duh
note never got to me bcuz my friends wer write'n back to
him say'n dat ii said yess wendey never let meh read duh
notend ofcores dey new ii lked dis kid so yeah.
well duh guys ar like wtf dat was for lucy nd we saw sat
she wasnt duh one write'n it was some one else dey found
out it wasnt meh bcuz dey saw ii was talk'n to one of my
friends duh one dat sits in front of me named julissa so
dats how it went it wasnt hector dat was writing duh first
time wen dey first asked out julissa bcuz dey wer try'n to
hook him up wit sum "ugly" chick not to be mean bcuz
julissa isnt pretty we trid give'n her a make over she
just didnt let her self
anyways duh 2nd time dat dat dey send duh note nd asked
meh out was bcuz hector tould dem he had a crush on me buh
den like3 month later ii found out all duh guys dat sit
der have a crush on me ii found dis out bcuz one of duh
guys dat sits der tould meh
den agen anyyyy wayys
duh 3 day of me in skool.
he sent a note nd it was really hector dis time ii just
didnt no if ii should belive if it was
he asked meh if we wer going out cuz he didnt no ii wrote
bake going out wat ar yuh talk'n out iduno eather cuz last
time yuh wer talken to my friends not meh
he said yeah same here it wasnt meh dat was writen duh
notes it was duh other dudes
so den he asked meh well do yuh wanna go out ii said im
not ganna answer dat question bcuz im still not sure if
its yuh he wrote back nd said it is meh hector nd ii ut
iiduno watever
so dey wer called to through der gabage away dey passed my
table ii was all duh way at duh end write wer dey pass
meh duh guys dat he sits wit started push'n hime twords
meh say'n go tell her he try'd to go therw duh guys bu
couldnt so he came up to me nd said do yuh wanna go out
wit meh ii was so stug happy nd couldnt belive dat it was
actualy happen'n duh boy dat ii fell for in just one look
while he wa play'n soccer didnt even no ii excisted
asked me out like ii said ii was so stug dat ii couldnt
even talk so ii just nodded my head up nd down nd said
mhmmm ahhhh ii screamd in side nd my friends screamd out
loud daman ii was so happy dat dey just on my 3 day of
skool ii got him damn ii cant stop thinking bout dat

nd to tell yuh duh trueth ii was ganna say o bcuz ii
besrly broke up wit one of my old bfs buh my friends say
fukk him diss is duh guy dat yuh couldnt stop talk'n bout
wen yuh first saw him just say yess.

oh nd by duh wasy dis wass on duh second day of me in
skool so it was wen my friends wer write'n wat dey wanted
nd didnt let me read it dey put she said yess wen duh
other dudes wer acting like hector
so yeah iii culdnt say no to him wen he asked me face to
face everything dat one of my friends tould me to let go
of my old bf dat dis dude was duh one person ii couldnt
stop thinkin bout or talken bout.

its not dat ii still had feelings for my ex its dat ii
thought it was to soon buh iii said mhmm to hector nd dats
how it all happend on my 3rd day of skool ii got him it
was 9-10-09 nd im crazy for himm still:DDDD