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2010-01-24 19:17:23 (UTC)

Is it true...

January 24 2010
Dear Diary,

Well, I know this guy that I might like and I'm being
compltely insane for likeing Richard Norman. If it's true
love...I'm definetley crazy...yes definetley. Sometimes I
question myself. Do I truly truly love him? Yes No? You
decide. can't...its a diary...HAHAHA
HYSTERICAL!! isnt reading just fun. just to some people but
not me i think this is very very presonal.......wait i dont
love him i love someone else i can't love him i love my ex
its not good to love your ex is it oh shit this can't
happen to me shit shit shit shiot!!!!im so crazy really
really to
young to understand some things i guess maybe