2010-01-24 18:59:05 (UTC)

Sundays as a Stay at home Mothers

I love Sundays. This what I usually do:
6:00 am Wake up get dressed and brush my teeth
6:30 am Make muffins for Breakfast
7:00 am Wake up husband and kids
7:20 am Get the kid s dressed and ready for Church
8:00 am Eat Breakfast
8:30 am Go to Church
9:00 am Go home
10:00 am Go shopping for food
11:35 am Prepare Lunch
12:00 pm Eat lunch
1:00 pm Lay some of my kids down for a nap
1:30-3:00 pm My time (I really get my time but when I am
lucky I get 15 mins. to my self)
3:00 pm Clean house
4:00 pm Do laundry
5:00 pm Get Ready for football*
5:00 pm Make dinner
6:00 pm Eat dinner
7:00 pm Get young kids ready for bed
7:30 pm Put young ones to bed
8:00 pm Get older kids to bed

*= Usually it is at a different time.

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