green spiral mead
2010-01-24 17:16:04 (UTC)

I missed a few days!

I really wanted to be consistant with this and it seems to
help me express a few things. It's hard to find the alone-
time though. It's been great reading some of the other
entries as well. Some of them have been consistant for
yEaRs! wow. I love the dedication!

It does feel weird when you find yourself impressed by the
writings of a 7th-grader though, for instance. lol Oh,
well. It is what it is. I was even at the library the
other day and read a few books that some 3rd-graders had
written. In today's world, these little writings and ideas
could make some huge waves. I originally wrote 'millions
of dollars', but that's not as important as being famous,
anymore. And in all reality- fame is money. Just look at
Jon and Kate. Poor Kate. Poor Jon! Poor ME! haha

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