2010-01-24 16:53:27 (UTC)

Sunday 24th January 2010

I did go out last night, to a strip club with my husband.
Although I probably drank a few too many vodka and cokes so
not feeling that great today lol So sitting at the computer
drinking lots of water.
Last night was fun, only downside going to those places is
that you can spend way too much money. Oh yes, I was going
to meet a women that works there, actually I am friends with
her on facebook, but anyway turns out her car broke down on
the way to the club ( and she lives 3 hours away from the
club ) so in the end I didn't see her :-( Maybe I'll see her
another time, I hope so anyway.

Anyway today wont be as fun though, going to clean the flat
and need some food shopping for the week. Need to wash the
clothes too.
Just relaxing right now as my husband has gone to school.

Hopefully watch a film tonight, or carry on watching
nip/tuck, I think i am on season 2 right now. That show is
crazy sometimes.
I also can't wait for 24 season 8 to come out, really like
that show. Also what I am watching right now is House,
that's good show, oh yes that reminds me that a new epp is
out ooww might watch that today too with my husband.

I also love watching Eastenders, been watching that for 10
years now.

Is thinking what to have for dinner tonight hmmmmm,
something good anyway, would like to have Chinese so maybe
have that. Need some food to take away the hangover? Oh I
will look on the internet lol

I have just looked outside and it's raining that sucks. Well
I rather it rain then it to snow, I think I saw enough snow
over xmas.

My cat is sleeping on the bed, that's a change, she is
normally so crazy, running around all the time. Awww I love
my cat, she is so sweet, or sweet when she wants to be.

Probably should get going soon, need a shower as I stink of
smoke, I think I do anyway.

Oh yes I need to email my mum, she wants to talk to me
tomorrow morning.

Trying to think if there is anything else to write, might
give up smoking this week tried to do that last week and
that didn't work out that well lol. Need to stop soon, cigs
are getting expensive now, and also I always seem to have
flem and it's nasty. Probably going to miss smoking the most
every time I finished eating something, or when I am having
my vodka and cokes lol

Anyway I am going to get up, or go back to bed. I hope I
don't feel like this all day. Maybe read something...

Hello to the people that read this lol