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2010-01-24 07:32:53 (UTC)

my first diary entry

dear diary,

i am not used to writing a diary..but when i saw the season
1 of vampires diary...i felt like putting my thoughts on
your page today....

its new to me ,but to be truthful i m loving it that i m
just typing down everything on u...

there are sure many users ...who write down their diary
entry..i saw a few ovr here...

well a few minutes ago i saw the season1 of vampires
diary...and ...i loved be honest its the feeling of
friendhip n love n to be there always that attracts u to
watch the episode...

well i m not the promoter for vampires diary,its just that
it motivated me to write somthing on u ..and to .make u my
frnd n share everything with u...

i hope that i'll will stay in contact with u always ...b'coz
its gud to say wht ever u want to say to someone u feel will
listen to u!!!!

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