Life of Me :)
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2010-01-24 01:34:24 (UTC)


Sooo, things are great with me and Nicky
Me, Nicky, My girls and his pals all went out last night
and it was probs one of the best nights of my life. We had
a crazy hotel party after and I cuddled with Nicky all

i like knowing he has that respect for me....he actually
said he didnt want to even consider doing anything when we
were that drunk. He wants to wait so its special =] he
makes me smile =]=] Nickys taking me for lunch tomorrow
too.....what a darling

Strange freaky stuff has been happening today.. not heard
from my ex (1 and a half year long relationship that
finished in April last year) since New Years. It just so
happened that today would have been out 2 year
anniversary. So he text me and decided to upset me about
it. i told him ive met someone new and he's now threatning
to kill Nicky. i have my blinds and window open so i can
watch incase he shows at my house during the night. i
couldnt go out the back to have a cigarette coz i was too
scared he'd show. Everytime i hear a car pass i crap
myself hoping it isnt him.... its a horrible feeling. i
cant tell my mum i feel this way coz she'll call the
police most probs..she hates my ex and always knew he was
no good. So point proven that everytime i get the
slightest hint of "wow this is what happiness feels like"
something has to spoil it.

Ive actually brought a screwdriver upstairs with me just ridic is that?!
Lets hope i get a good nights sleep tonight.

Money situation still isnt looing up. always promised
myself never to sign on or take out a loan but im leaning
towards it =S
Mums 40th Bday on friday and i haven't a scratch to give
her =( she understands though which is great. Shes going
for a major spine operation on 10th of Feb which could
leave her paralysed from the waist down which she is
stressing about. im stressed too but i wont let her know

Cant wait to see Nicky tomorrow. He makes me soo happy =]

Ohh and one last thing....thanks for all the great
supportive messages!! U lot are great. Goodnight all xOx