Her Life
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2010-01-24 00:16:17 (UTC)

My Updates

Well I'm all moved in with my boyfriend, it's been going
pretty well except for the fact that his mom has been
driving me INSANE. All she does is nag nag nag. She orders
him around all the time and he does everything for her, but
it's never good enough, and nothing can ever wait. If she
wants something done is has to be done right then and there.
It's annoying as hell. Like last night she wanted us to go
back to my parents and get the rest of my stuff and I wanted
to wait untill today so that I could see my mom, plus she
had stuff to give me. So I was like, "Listen, I wouldn't
mind going today, but I would rather wait to go tomorrow
because I'd really like to visit with my family for a little
bit, and my mom has some things that she wants to give me.
My dad is sleeping, my mom is at work, and my sister is at
school, and you know that my mom works late. Kyle and I have
been cleaning all day and we're pretty tired so can we just
borrow the truck and do it tomorrow?" She said yes, because
she won't say no to me, and she is always nice to me. But a
lot of times it's fake. She likes me and I know she does,
but when she has a problem with something I do or say she
waits to tell Kyle, not me and it's frustrating. Kyle is
sick of it too. Needless to say, we don't plan on being here
for very long.
After getting the rest of my things today(my mom made me
blueberry cheesecake with fresh blueberries :D ), we went to
the next town to go to Best Buy so Kyle (that's my
boyfriend's name in case you haven't picked that up) could
use the gift card he got for Christmas. We were there for
probably an hour and a half looking around, playing with
stuff. We decided to look at movies and the first girl he
had sex with saw him and came over. I didn't know this was
her, I've never met her before, but after she said hi, I saw
this look and I knew that she was important to him. Before
he had a chance to introduce me, I darted off. Luckily I had
a couple movies in my hand so I went to return them. So
while returning the DVDs, I'm watching them and he looked so
happy to see her, they hugged and flirted for ten minutes. I
was enraged. I was hurt and I was jealous. It makes me
wonder if he ever wishes he was back with her. It's just a
fear, while it may be immature, I can't help feeling that
way. Especially because he lit up the second he saw her. I'm
a girl and I wouldn't be that excited to see my first love.
And I certainly wouldn't hug and flirt with him, especially
in front of my current boyfriend. I don't know. I let it go,
and I'm not worried about it, because I know that I'm with
him now and he loves me. I know this. It just sucked, you
Well that's all for now.

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