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2010-01-23 22:07:24 (UTC)

weightloss and other fustrations

my name is leia. i am 26 i weighed 219 lbs in dec of 09
now its the 23 of jan 10 and i weigh 205 i feel happy but
im kinda not i lost all that wieght yet i cant see it. i
will be eating less calories and exersizeing i just want
to look prett again. aboout church i am agnostic i supose
im not athiest but i dont beleive in god. i have no
intentions of offending any one. i am being made to go to
church tomarrow. although i am greatfull , the church has
cloths for my two children i still dont want to go inside.
gah i have enough on my mind trying to get my kids back
from DHR. i am fully fustrated.

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