Letters to Nancy
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2010-01-23 18:51:08 (UTC)


It's Beautiful out, not too cold, not to hot. Its nice to
finally see the sun again. I wish there was something to
do. I wish Randy was here.... I miss him. I have a
terriable head ache again. It almost feels like im
exusted. I hardly have enrgey to do any thing. I though
about getting up and taking a jog, but I can't even talk
myself into geting dressed. I should NOT be tried. I took
a long nap yestorday and slept in tell 10:30 this morning.
Ugh. I left my cellphone down stairs. I dont feel like
texting or talking to anyone right now. Well I want to
talk to Randy, but, i dont have much to say.
My leg hurts. I woke up in the middle of the night and it
felt someone was ripping the muscles in my leg apart. It
hurt! I almost screameD! I tryed to get up to get some ice
but there was no way I could have walked on it, I was
about ready to call for my dad when it stoped. I feel back
asleep and it didnt hurt like that when I woke up this
morning. thank god. The same thing happend to my foot,
during volleyball season, and I did go to the doctor. They
just told me to stay of it for a week or so. I did, even
though it never hurt again, and it was fine.
I wish Randy was here! he always makes me feel better. I
feel safer with him. hell I feel safer just talking to
him. I think I'll go call him.... And maybe take a nap...