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2010-01-23 07:14:04 (UTC)

and next

writing about that made me feel compelled to write about the
beginning of my current relationship. it was now March of
2008 and i started going to school early in the mornings for
geometry tutoring. i usually arrived around seven thirty,
while my teacher didn't arrive at school until eight. i had
to wait in the cafeteria for about thirty minutes each
morning before i went for tutoring. this was when i became
close to Regis, although we were both in choir together*.

*the first time that wasn't one of those morning encounters
that Regis and i really flirted was during a choir concert,
where Regis and i completely ignored good concert etiquette
and talked any time we weren't singing.

at the time Regis was dating another girl, so our flirtation
was kept to a minimum where most people could see us. for
example i remember one morning Regis and i went out to the
football field and ran around like little kids and had a truly great time, even though he wasn't dating me! he always
told me though that the reason he didn't ask me out was
because "no one wanted us together and it wouldn't work out."
i was always calling bullshit on that, and finally he broke
up with his girlfriend. on Monday, April 21 Regis and i were
walking to the choir room when he finally asked me out. of
course i agreed and we kissed by the door =)
just another little something i know i will never forget.